About Me


Debra Palmquist is a writer, enthusiastic researcher and dedicated observer. She writes of family, nature, and place through life’s seasons of loss, illness, and aging. She lives with her husband and flat-coated retriever puppy in Plymouth, Minnesota and Herbster, Wisconsin.

Trees are a source of inspiration and wisdom—to understand life’s unending cycles of growth–from germination, maturity to death. An old tree can live within its stump, nurture a new generation and all that grows around it, leaving behind an archive of recorded history in its trunk. 

They stand as stoic elders, protect us from harsh winds, provide shady comfort, inspire artists and scientists.  They help us find our way as landmarks on a journey or guideposts when we cannot find our way. They bear fruit, create shelter, and give sustenance long after they fall.

Witness the becoming of a modern matriarch–redefining what it means to be mother, grandmother and elder at a time of endings and beginnings, that stage in life you aren’t quite ready for– taking the top spot on the family tree.