Swim Flight

Swim Flight

In a dream I dive off a pier into a lake.  I am not a strong swimmer, but today I dive with ease, surface quickly and skim along the water’s surface like Olympic racers do, in a rhythm that is easy and strong, fast and even.  I can see fish and plant life below the [...]


One of my little rituals while at the cabin is to fill three small vases with the blooms and greens I gather from my first walk. I grab my scissors and walk the yard, driveway and road ditches. I guess you could say I forage for flora. Flora is the plant life of a particular [...]


"I find people for jobs, not jobs for people." My day job is search. Some refer to us as "headhunters" which seems a bit primitive, and limiting. In my work to find the right person for a particular role, I consider the whole person, not just their knowledge and experience. Will they want to live [...]